Women key to growth & change

While researching women’s and girl’s empowerment groups around the world, we came across an article about the crucial role of women to effect change in their community, specifically in Nigeria. Below are the first two paragraphs from this article, posted in AfricaFiles:

Women empowerment – pivot for national growth

Analysts believe that Nigeria, with around 140 million citizens, and a huge population of women, has the potential to transmute from a poverty-stricken nation to a vibrant economy; through adequate empowerment of women. Various organisations support this viewpoint. Abimbola Akosile met the Executive Director of Awesome Treasures Foundation (ATF), Mrs. Olajumoke Adenowo, who is actively involved in the empowerment process; and writes on a remarkable input to a vital national process

Saving a country

Women in Nigeria are crucial, beyond certain customary duties and procreation efforts. They have the potential to turn an ailing economy around, at the family, local, state or national levels, through their in-bred economic strength, organisational skills, and single-minded focus to surmount obstacles posed by their environment, culture, and ‘stronger’ partners, the men. There is no gainsaying the fact that not all women are adequately positioned to ensure optimal output from their environment, but there is no denying the fact that most women who successfully attain positions of power in the society, put in more effort than men to ensure a better life for the good of all. Be it a bicycle-riding matriarch in the rural reaches of Edo State, or a melon-shelling mother in the remote corners of the South West, the over-riding focus is on how to contribute their quota to a needy development process.

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