Suggested Actions


Want to do something that makes a difference?

THE NAKED OPTION outreach plan provides a number of levels on which you can join millions of people around the planet… beyond your borders and in your own neighborhoods. See what can work for you!

“If we don’t take part in the action today, our daughters generations from now, will suffer because we did not contribute to try to make change.” Annie Porbeni

#1.  Organize on a local level. Walk, ride bikes and take the public transportation… find ways as a community to cut down on the use of  fossil fuels.   Direct the money saved into renewable energy.

#2.  YOUR POWER IS IN YOUR WALLET! Get involved in your own community and raise awareness about WHERE YOUR MONEY GOES!  Follow the money trail between corporations and where you spend every dime, everyday.  Help to keep those dollars in your communities and campaign for your local vendors!

3. End Oil Subsidies: No More Money for Big Oil –  There is only one way to get the attention of oil companies and that is through the financial lens. Separate oil and state!  Get on board with campaigns of!

4. Send the trailer or website link to everyone you know.

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6.  Reach women’s organization on the front lines of environmental sustainability and social justice around the world by supporting Global Greengrants Fund.

7. Get involved with Women’s Earth Alliance in creating innovative solutions to issues of water, food, land and climate through collaborative initiatives that train, connect, and empower grassroots women leaders.

8. Work in solidarity with communities in Nigeria and allies in the US to promote peace and corporate accountability and to ensure that extractive industries operate in a manner that respects human right, protects the environment and enhances community livelihood.  Support Justice in Nigeria Now!

9.  Help educate young women activists!  Host a Cupcake Campaign!

THE CUPCAKE CAMPAIGN is a non-profit undertaking to empower young women with leadership skills and set them into action in grassroots campaigns for social, environmental and political change.

Be part of a small but organized group of women who bake and make a difference through cupcake sales!  Mentor young women grades 8-12!  Take to the kitchen and generate community excitement with “Oil Spill” and “Clean Up” cupcakes! Dozens of glorious little cakes are the catalyst for excellence in entrepreneurship and leadership.  Young activists create and manage cupcake-selling events in your community!  Bake and make a difference!  For more information contact:

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