Nothing really changes: Why make an activist film?

We just heard from a legendary international sales agent, who viewed the fine cut of The Naked Option. Honest words we appreciate:

“These films must be made and must continue to be made, we are however in a big dip regarding broadcast interest…the audience does not want to see them anymore because nothing really changes…( same with the Middle East…) a few years there was a very good film on Darfur ( amidst a dozen films on Darfur) the one that sold was the Oscar nominated one…that’s how it works”

But he believes in the film and will help with international festivals.

Meanwhile, we’re not discouraged in the slightest. We’ll reach out to the grassroots audience, which is where real change takes place, in any case.

Our focus and the point of The Naked Option is taking power, not sitting idly by as your livelihood is destroyed, your home made uninhabitable. Even small steps forward are steps forward.

You can sit on your hands saying nothing changes. In which case nothing will.

Or you can go out and start talking to people and taking action. Like the women of the Niger Delta.