Partnering Organizations

Global Greengrants Fund
Global Greengrants Fund is part of a community of activists working towards social justice and environmental sustainability. From the neighborhood organizer in Ghana’s mining region to the Chicago donor advocating for global environmental rights, we are a network of passionate change-makers. Our belief is that everyone deserves the right to a healthy environment. The reality is that millions of people are denied this right. Toxic contamination; destruction of natural resources; disappearance of water, food, and work; displacement from traditional lands; these are the sad truths for too many communities. Environmental degradation is common, and so are the social injustices that accompany it.

Women’s Earth Alliance
Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) creates innovative solutions to issues of water, food, land and climate through collaborative initiatives that train, connect, and empower grassroots women leaders. WEA invests in the existing leadership and knowledge of women who know what their communities need most. WEA co-designs solutions based on local vision rather than outside wants. This approach avoids the pitfalls of top-down practices and outsider-generated attempts at assistance that can fall short or even reinforce damaging dynamics.