The Naked Option – named one of 10 movies that can change the world

The Naked Option has been included in a list of 10 films that can change the world. Check out the article on the Huffington Post:


The Naked Option won the Spirit of Activism Award at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City, CA.  What an honor for those at the center of grassroots organization and mobilization to be recognized!  Thank you, Wild and Scenic Film Festival!

Women’s Protests Continue!

Women of JK4 (Edagberi/Betterland) stage peaceful protest against Shell

(read the field report)

GPS Coordinates:  Blocked bridge – Elev:9m, N 05°11.657’’, E006°29.574’’ and  Well 2 site – Elev:4m, N 05°11.655’’, E 006°29.574’’

Shell has not been fair to the community in terms of amenities says the leaders of the JK4 community, even though so much wealth is pumped out from our community soil daily. We have been drinking from the Taylor Creek that has often been polluted by crude oil spills from the company’s failed oil facilities. ERA/FoEN heard of a protest by women in the community and promptly visited the community.


$1 billion cleanup tab in Nigeria oil mess, UN says staff and news service reports
updated 8/4/2011 2:26:57 PM ET

BP did more in six months for the US … than Shell has done in 50 years,’ activist says

LAGOS, Nigeria — Shell and Nigeria’s government contributed to 50 years of pollution in a region of the Niger Delta that could need the world’s largest ever oil cleanup, the United Nations said in a report Thursday, adding that the work would take up to 30 years and require an initial tab estimated at $1 billion.  READ THE ARTICLE

Ms Magazine: Emem Okon demands environmental justice from Chevron

Women Demand Environmental Justice from Chevron, by Kari Paul, Ms Magazine, May 25, 2011

According to Chevron’s YouTube page and its “We Agree” ad campaign, it has used these immense profits to help the environment, keep workers safe, and promote education. In its 2010 annual report, CEO John Watson calls 2010 “an outstanding year for Chevron.” Women worldwide who say they have experienced the horrific environmental and human health tolls of Chevron’s business tactics beg to differ on all counts. They joined with other activists at GlobalExchange to create a third annual alternative annual report [PDF] for Chevron. It demands that instead of trying to clean up its image by greenwashing its ads, the corporation clean up its act.

Emem Okon was there and spoke out!  Read more…




New Naked Option website!

We have a new Naked Option website and it rocks! Visit us, find out about the film, join our mailing list and celebrate the power of an organized group of women!!

Emem J. Okon attending Sneak Preview

Emem J. Okon is attending the Sneak Preview of The Naked Option in San Francisco on May 21!


The 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Riders will be celebrated on the Oprah Show when my friend Jorgia Bordofsky, a leader and activist, and her two grandchildren Sophia and Aniela Bordofsky travel to Chicago to participate in this event. Bordofsky spent 40 days in jail for breech of the peace along with over 400 others during the struggle for equal access to interstate transportation facilities in Mississippi.  The show will air on May 4.  The award winning documentary by Stanley Nelson “Freedom Riders” will be on PBS on May 16 as part of this remembrance of the civil rights movement of the 1960’s.  A reunion of the living Freedom Riders will be held in Chicago as well as in May in Jackson, Mississippi.

Jorgia’s comments:
“As a young person I was involved in demonstrations at Woolworths in Berkeley and Los Angeles in support of the sit-ins at the lunch counters in the south.

I joined the Freedom Riders to Mississippi in 1961 and spent 40 days in jail for breach of the peace, the act of going into a train station waiting room as an intergrated group.

After that experience I worked with CORE and SCLC in New York organizing fundraisers and support activities for those who were in the trenches of the South. I was very active in preparing groups to go on the l963 March on Washington and met with A Phillip Randolph at his office in Harlem. Along with two large buses that we filled with community people from the Lower Eastside of New York, the highlight of that event was a concert with Marvin Gaye in our neighborhood. Today, I am a retired registered nurse, mother and grandmother and supporter of all causes that bring peace, justice, health, sustenance and joy to our planet.”


We’re screening at the BIONEERS’ Moving Image Festival!!

The Naked Option has been accepted to screen at The Moving Image Festival, during the Bioneers Conference, October 14 – 16, 2011!

Nothing really changes: Why make an activist film?

We just heard from a legendary international sales agent, who viewed the fine cut of The Naked Option. Honest words we appreciate:

“These films must be made and must continue to be made, we are however in a big dip regarding broadcast interest…the audience does not want to see them anymore because nothing really changes…( same with the Middle East…) a few years there was a very good film on Darfur ( amidst a dozen films on Darfur) the one that sold was the Oscar nominated one…that’s how it works”

But he believes in the film and will help with international festivals.

Meanwhile, we’re not discouraged in the slightest. We’ll reach out to the grassroots audience, which is where real change takes place, in any case.

Our focus and the point of The Naked Option is taking power, not sitting idly by as your livelihood is destroyed, your home made uninhabitable. Even small steps forward are steps forward.

You can sit on your hands saying nothing changes. In which case nothing will.

Or you can go out and start talking to people and taking action. Like the women of the Niger Delta.