1 day to go

There’s something particularly squirrel-y about this site. Maybe because we migrated over from a different platform.

E.g., I’ve had code just plain disappear after being saved. What’s that about?

In between banging my head against the wall, I’ve been spending some time tweeting, also researching potential partners. Prancing between excitement, that there are a number of organizations which sound like they’re doing awesome work, focused on different needs of women around the world, and disbelief, that ten years into the new millennium, we still need hundreds of organizations focused on women’s needs.

In case I wasn’t clear on that, last week I heard a report on NPR about a class action suit filed against Wal-Mart, on behalf of about one million female employees. For sexism. An instance they cited: a female employee asked why her colleague received a raise and she didn’t. Her supervisor told her, “He has a family.” She replied, “I’m a single mother.” He responded, “Show me a budget.” So she did, and received a raise, but not as much as her male colleague.

Yes, I’m dumbfounded.

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